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  "Bravo! good stuff — very professionally done!"

Here is Your Assignment

Too often photographers work aimlessly, without targeted purpose, and therefore fail to produce work which challenges them.

For this reason I have created the Video Journal Assignment Contest: a competition between your photograph of an assigned topic and those of fellow subscribers. The Assignment Contest will challenge your photographic skills as never before, duplicating a freelance photographic assignment for a print magazine and allowing you to polish your photographic skills in friendly competition with your peers.

The Assignment Contest is open exclusively to subscribers to The Luminous Landscape Video Journal. You are already a subscriber, aren't you? Participating will definitely be worth your while. The best 6 entrants in each quarterly Competition will see their work reviewed on camera in the next issue of The Journal. The Winner will receive a free one year extension to their Journal subscription — worth $100. The Annual Grand Prize Winner will receive a free attendance at a Luminous Landscape Workshop, worth $1,000.

The Rules

Any subscriber to the Video Journal may enter.

You may submit one photograph per Assignment.

Submission must be .JPG files at "medium" compression.

Files must be at 72 DPI.

Files should have a maximum width or height of 720 pixels (10 inches).

Submission should be e-mailed to

Your submission should have "Assignment" in the e-mail title.

Along with your submission be sure to include your name, city, country, and e-mail address.

You may also include any comments that you care to about the assignment, your photograph or the process that you went through in achieving it.

The Rewards

Each issue of the Video Journal will feature a video segment where I review the top six Assignment submissions as well as my own approach to the subject.

A winner will be chosen from the best 6 submissions and that person will receive a free 1 year (4 issue) extension to their subscription to the Video Journal, worth approximately $100.

Every October I will select the best executed Assignment photograph from the previous year (four issues), and will announce a Grand Prize winner. That person will receive free tuition to an upcoming Luminous Landscape Workshop, worth $1,000. 

Your Next Assignment

The current Assignment for Issue #11 is Geometry. Interpret it as you wish. Obviously submissions that adhere most closely to the assignment topic will likely be judged more favourably than those that don't. (I know this is huge topic. From pebbles to mountains. That's the challenge.)

Think of this as a magazine assignment where a magazine editor has said, "We're doing an issue on Geormetry and we need you to shoot a cover for us. Good luck!"

NewThe deadline for submissions to the current Competition is June 15, 2004.

Remember, this Competition is only open to Video Journal subscribers. If you're not already a subscriber you can find out more by clicking here. You may also wish to read what current subscribers are saying about The Journal before subscribing.


My expectation is that you'll wish to go out and shoot specifically for this Assignment. The whole point of the exercise is to motivate you to produce your best effort, and then to compare it to those produced by your peers. You may of course choose to submit an existing image, and I'll have no way of knowing whether you did so or not. But I urge you to take the opportunity of going out to directly undertake the challenge that this Assignment offers.

The Fine Print

By submitting a photograph for consideration to any Assignment Competition you agree that you are giving me the right to publish that photograph on The Luminous Landscape web site, and to display it and discuss it in a future issue of the Video Journal.

You confirm with your submission that you are the creator and copyright holder of the photograph submitted and have full right and title to submit it for consideration in this competition.

Much as I would like to I will be unable to enter into correspondence with you about the Assignment, I can not. Due to volume, submissions will also not be acknowledged directly.

The quarterly prize of a free one year subscription extension, and the annual prize of free participation in one of my workshops have no alternate cash value.

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