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Secure Credit Card Ordering Information

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The Luminous Landscape has contracted InternetSecure ó a major provider of secure e-commerce ó to provide a safe environment for credit card transactions. From their secure server, your credit information is sent (in an encoded form) directly to your bank. It is not stored on the InternetSecure site, and The Luminous Landscape never sees it. 

This system is safer than using your card in a store where they swipe your card and all the information is usually sent over a standard phone line without any sort of encryption.

Newer versions of internet browsers (like Netscape and Internet Explorer) are safer than old ones. You might only wish to enter your credit card information if you see a small golden key align= or a locked padlock on a yellow background in the bottom left corner of your browser.

Also be assured that your name and email address will never be used by anyone other than The Luminous Landscape. We hate spam as much as you do.

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