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Download Issue #19 of the Video Journal in HD – Now

All Back Issues also available


Download Video

Since 2001 we have been publishing The Luminous Landscape Video Journal. Each issue contains interviews with famous photographers, tutorials, equipment field reports and travel segments. The video is filmed in broadcast quality video by award winning director-cameraman Chris Sanderson, with each issue running around two and half hours in length. The current Issue is #19.

HD Samples - Download and Save!

High Definition download video is of noticably higher quality than the DVDs.

Freely downloadable samples of our HD content can be found in the Introduction to Issue 17 of the Luminous Landscape Video Journal, in the short promotional piece from the Antarctica segment of that issue and also in a clip of wildlife footage shot in South Africa.

Download and save these files to test their quality. Should you have any difficulty, a FAQ for Download Video can be found here.

Download Issue #19 of the Video Journal in HD – Now

All Back Issues also available

How it Works

(N.B. These videos are download files to store on your computer. This is not streaming video)

The downloadable files for each issue purchased are available for you to download for up three months after purchase. This ensures that you have the freedom to download what you want, when you want it and also ensures against file loss. You may download files at any time after purchase by later logging in to the password-protected personal account page on our store and checking the record of your download purchase. You will find all the files listed there.

Before you make your purchase, choose whether to download the HD QuickTime .mp4 or smaller Standard Definition.

There are no shipping costs and no waiting. All you need is a high speed internet connection. Each file segment can be downloaded in just a few minutes and you can start watching as soon as the first one has downloaded – and continue to watch as the remaining chapters are downloaded. Nothing could be easier.

Download File Size

Most of the individual files for each Video Journal are between 100 and 350 MB for SD and between 300 & 650 MB for HD. A high-speed connection will be mandatory! But remember, you can come back to download or re-download any time within 3 months of purchase.

The screen-grabs below give you an idea of actual 1:1 screen size. Download and save these files to test them on your monitor.

The video files should be adjusted larger for viewing, the H264 codec handles up-scaling or up-rezzing very elegantly.


Elephants 960x540 Still

High Definition QuickTime .mov actual size (960 x 540)

HiRes example

Standard Definition QuickTime .mov actual size (640 x 360)



LLVJ Download Availability


All Video Journals are available for download


You've always wondered what the Video Journal was like. You've also wanted to support this completely non-commercial site through your purchases. Now you can, and you can be watching The Video Journal within minutes. What are you waiting for?


A FAQ for Download Video can be found here.


Download Issue #19 of the Video Journal in HD – Now

All Back Issues also available


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