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The Luminous Landscape Video Journal


To Inspire and Inform


                A Luminous Landscape Expedition to China

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     LLVJ-20 features interviews with Art Wolfe at his Seattle Gallery and with Mark Dubovoy in a discussion on the creation of Carbon Pigment Prints.

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The Luminous Landscape on TV

The Luminous Landscape Video Journal is the world's first video magazine for serious photographers. Published as Download Video, the Video Journal is loaded with over two hours of lively location shoots, interviews with famous photographers, technique and digital darkroom tutorials and print reviews.

There are 20 issues published since 2001. 

For links to the Contents and Preview Videos, please go to the individual issue's page in the Store.

These video programs are completely non-commercial. No ads, no promotions, no hype. Every piece of equipment used and reviewed has been purchased by us, or is on condition-free evaluation loan from the manufacturer. We tell it like it is, without commercial bias or favour to anyone.

Professionally produced in broadcast-quality video, The Video Journal complements the extensive content of this web site, showing you field techniques, tutorials, product reviews and more, in a way that the printed page or the 'net simply cannot. This is The Luminous Landscape web site on television.


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