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Q: Your video clips are online as QuickTime files. Why don't you provide Real Video or Windows Media Player versions?

A: QuickTime is available as a free download from Apple. It also comes pre-installed on a great many new machines. It provides very high quality with moderately low bandwidth. Also, for us to provide versions for all major online video viewers would be too costly in terms of both time and resources.

Which Version?

Q: I have QuickTime installed on my machine but the videos won't play. What should I do?

A: You need to have version 7.0 or later installed. If your version of QuickTime is earlier than 7.0 please download the latest version. The QuickTime plug-in must be installed in your Browser's PlugIn folder.


Q: These video clips take a long time to download. What can I do?

A: Each video is between 1.5MB and 12MB in size. They are mostly 'progressive download' files, so with a good cable modem or DSL connection they should takeabout 10-20 seconds to download a buffer sufficiently large to start playing. On a dialup connection they could take as much as 30 minutes each to download.

QuickTimes for very early Issues of the LLVJ may require complete download before they start to play.

It Still Won't Play

Q: No matter what I do the video clips won't play. What should I do?

A: Since these QuickTimes originate from a separate server, please make sure that your Browser preferences allow images and files from outside the originating L-L website.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide technical support for QuickTime. These clips have been tested on both PCs and Macs using all popular browser software.

Please use your browser's BACK button to return to the page that brought you here.

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