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Issue #3 


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The Luminous Landscape on TV

The Luminous Landscape Video Journal is the world's first and only quarterly video magazine for serious photographers. Published on DVD video, The Journal arrives in your mailbox every three months loaded with up to 90 minutes of lively travel articles, timely and in-depth photographic product reviews, tutorials, and on-location interviews with famous and talented photographers.

Professionally produced in broadcast-quality video, The Journal compliments the extensive content of this web site, showing you field techniques, tutorials, product reviews and more in a way that the printed page or the Net simply can not. This is The Luminous Landscape on TV.

50% Discount on Issues #1 and #2 For New Subscribers

As a special promotion we are offering new subscribers a 50% discount ó worth $30 ó enabling them to also receive both Back-Issues #1 and #2 at half price. Your annual subscription will start with Issue #3 of the Video Journal, which is now shipping.

Subscribe now. Begin your 4 issue annual subscription with Issue #3 and receive back-issues #1 and #2 right away, all for just $129.95 ó a $30 saving. Make sure that your collection of the unique Video Journal is complete. Subscribe now and get Back-Issues #1 and #2 at half price.

All three issues will ship immediately. 

No Shipping Charges On Subscriptions During Our 1st Year

Our standard shipping charge is $5.00 per issue. But, we are offering inaugural subscribers during our first year free shipping. As part of our Issue #3 promotion we are extending this to include the two back issues. This represents a further saving of $30 because you will receive 6 copies of The Video Journal without any shipping charges.

Total Savings Amount to $60.00  
if You Subscribe Now, During This Promotion

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