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The programs found on Video Journal DVDs are based on articles and images that appear here on the main web site. Below are primary links that will lead you to a large number of pages and photographs associated with the various video programs on each issue of the Video Journal. There are typically more segments on each video than there are links here. Also, some items are excluive to the Video Journal and have no direct site links.

Volume 2

Issue Number 8
(First released August, 2003)


Canon 1Ds Review

Lunar Eclipse in Death Valley

Issue Number 7
(First released May, 2003)

Lake Power Master Class

Kodak DCS Pro14n Review



Issue Number 5
(First released August, 2002)

Canon D60 Review

Butterfly Macro / Ringflash Photography

Arches & Canyonlands National Parks

Hasselblad XPan Review

Interview with Icelandic Photographer D. Bergmann

A Digital Image Primer — Part 2




Issue Number 6
(First released December, 2002)

Canon EOS 1Ds Review

Digital Image Blending — A Tutorial

Planetarium — A Software Review

Great Smoky Mountains — A Workshop

Rangefinder Cameras — A Discussion

Graduated Neutral Density Filters



Links to Volume 1 Content

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