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The Luminous Landscape Guide to
Raw Processing - New in Photoshop CS4

Learn the new tools and features of Adobe Camera Raw 5

A 2 Hour Multi-Segment Training Video
with Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe


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Camera Raw's
JPEG Adjustment

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What's New in Photoshop CS4


About Tutorial

The videos cover the changes in Raw Processing in CS4.
It is designed for those who already have a copy of our Guide to Raw Processing in Photshop CS3.



Presentation and Content of The L-L Guide to Camera Raw

The video files for CS4 are .mp4 High Definition 720P. The videos are playable on Windows, Mac & Linux platforms - our recommendation is to use the free VLC Media Player.

A smaller-sized Standard Definition version of the videos is available here.

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The two hours of HD video are divided into 15 separate segments:

1. Introduction: What the Tutorial covers - & uncovers... (7 min)

2. TAT: The Targeted Adjustment Tool (6 min)

3. Adjustment Brush: A demonstration of local channel adjustments. (15 min)

4. Graduated Filter: Local adjustment using the Grad Filter (8 min)

5. Post Crop Vignetting: The creative use of vignetting (5 min)

6. Camera Calibration: New choices in colour rendition (10 min)

7. DNG Profile Editor: Why you should download and use this free application (11 min)

8. Snapshots: Keeping a record of favourite adjustments & renditions (7 min)

9. Workflow Options: New basic Sharpening options (6 min)

10. Smart Objects: Embedding raw files within a Photoshop document (11 min)

11. JPEG & TIFF Preferences: Set Bridge & Photoshop file handling preferences (5 min)

12. Exposed to the Right! - See just how much information is in the extreme highlight area (5 min)

13. Open in Photoshop Layers: Open multiple files in layers of a single PS document (5 min)

14. Metadata: Avoid the copyright 'gotcha' in Metadata settings (10 min)

15. Collections: The use of Collections & Smart Collections (6 min)

Plus: Beach & Beer: Jeff, Michael & Seth hit the beach (combined with Video 15)


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Only $19.90*





A FAQ for Download Video and QuickTime can be found here.



About this video

This CS4 video was shot in Miami Beach in March 2009

Equipment used

- MacBook Pro
- Monitor used for taping: NEC 2690WUXi

Special Thanks

Many thanks to Seth Resnick, Lucie Resnick and especially Jamie Spitzer for allowing us to interrupt their lives for this taping


Shot and edited by Christopher Sanderson


All video is ©2009 Terra Luma Inc. All Rights Reserved


Note that because this tutorial is a Hi-Res download
there are no shipping costs, import taxes, or duties.

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July, 2009

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