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Adobe Lightroom v.1 Tutorial

Learn effective RAW processing & workflow from the Lightroom experts

A 5 Hour Multi-Segment Training Video
with Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe


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Includes a comprehensive demonstration of the updated Lightroom v.1.1

This Tutorial effectively covers the features of Lightroom up to and including
the current shipping version 1.4*


Though Lightroom has been available as a free beta download for many months, the shipping product, Version 1.4, is quite different in many respects from the beta releases. Many new features and capabilities have been added, a few have been removed, and the workflow has been enhanced and altered.

During 2006 Jeff Schewe and I published two Lightroom Tutorial DVDs; one for Beta 1 and another for Beta 3. These were extremely popular, and helped many people get up-to-speed with this exciting new program. Now, with the release of Version 1.0, there is the need for a completely new and comprehensive video tutorial.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is available from the Adobe web site for US $299. There is a free 30 day Trial version.


About The Tutorial

Our Luminous Landscape Adobe Lightroom Tutorial is comprehensive and in-depth. It consists of more than 5 hours of live video training. The price is just US $14.95.

The tutorial videos are designed to be viewed on a computer monitor using QuickTime Player or other media players. It is available as a Hi-Res Video Download and also as a smaller iPod-compatible Download. The Hi-Res versions are suitable for Apple's iPhone or iTouch screens. The video can be viewed on a television; see our FAQ.

Download video means: No shipping costs, no import taxes or duties. No delays.

Because of the huge scope of this project, and the fact that a final user interface was only available to us in early January for filming, this tutorial is being published in serial form as the various segments are completed by our editing team.

Nine files of the Lightroom V1.0 Tutorial are available for download:

1. Introduction - 17 minutes
2. Library 1 of 2 - 35 minutes

3. Library 2 of 2 - 29 minutes
4. Develop 1 of 3 - 31 minutes
5. Develop 2 of 3 - 35 minutes
6. Develop 3 of 3 - 38 minutes
7. Print, Slideshow, Web 1 of 1 - 46 minutes
8. Preferences, Conclusion 1 of 1 - 34 minutes
9. Lightroom v.1.1 Update - 36 minutes
(N.B. This file is found in File 9:


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The Contents

A Table of Contents can be found here.

This live video tutorial covers Lightroom in depth, with the type of detail and focus that only two of the program's internal alpha and beta testers can provide. We look at each of the program's modules – Library – Develop – Slideshow – Print – Web – and explore their features and functions in detail. Our orientation is toward workflow, which is what Lightroom excels at. You'll learn all of the keyboard shortcuts, and how to take best advantage of each of Lightroom's numerous tools.

If you're the type of person that learns best by a live demonstration and hands-on approach, rather than from a book, then The Luminous Landscape Adobe Lightroom Tutorial is for you.


* Updates

The video for Lightroom 1.1 covers almost all the significant changes from 1.0. Most changes in 1.2, 1.3 & 1.4 are bug fixes and additional camera support.

The most significant change in 1.3 is in the Export dialog; so for this specific item be sure to check for update articles by Martin Evening, Ian Lyons and others.

While a further update to the video beyond Lightroom 1.1 is possible, it is unlikely before a complete new Tutorial on a future fully-revised version of Lightroom beyond the current shipping version 1.4.



A FAQ for Download Video and QuickTime can be found here.


Note that because this tutorial is a Hi-Res download
there are no shipping costs, import taxes, or duties.



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April, 2008

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