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The Luminous Landscape Guide to Adobe Lightroom 2

Learn a Complete Digital Photography Workflow
From The Lightroom Experts

A 7.5 Hour Multi-Segment Training Video
with Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe

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Learn Lightroom 2 From The Experts

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This Tutorial Covers The Features of Lightroom 2.x

And a Fresh Look at The Original Features of v.1

Since its introduction over three years ago, Lightroom has become "The place where photographers now live" .

The Luminous Landscape Guide to Lightroom 2 is a new and comprehensive video tutorial. It covers the new features and tools in Lightroom 2 and also gives a fresh look at all of the original features of Lightroom v.1x.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.6 is available from the Adobe web site for US $299 and as an upgrade for Version 1.x owners from $99. There is a free 30 day Trial Version available as well.


Lightroom 3 Beta User?
If you are using the latest Beta of Lightroom 3 and are new to Lightroom, get a head start on using Lightroom 3 with our Lightroom 2 Tutorial.

At least 80% of the features of Lightroom 3 are in Lightroom 2.

All purchasers of our Lightroom 2 Tutorial will be eligible for a discount on the Lightroom 3 tutorial on its release.


About The Tutorial

The Luminous Landscape Guide to Lightroom 2 is comprehensive and in-depth. It consists of nearly 8 hours of live video training. The price is just US $39.95.

The Guide to Lightroom 2 is designed to be viewed on a computer monitor using VLC Player, QuickTime Player or other media players. Windows, Mac, and Linux systems are all supported. Conversions to other formats are detailed on our FAQ.

The Guide to Lightroom 2 is produced in High Definition video suitable for playback on a modern computer with a powerful graphics card. If your computer is less than two years old you should have no problem playing these videos.

There is a Standard Definition version available here with a smaller demand on the CPU & graphics card for those who have older computers (Mac G4, G5 & older Wintel machines).

The video can also be viewed on a television; see our FAQ.

Download Video Means:
No shipping costs, no import taxes or duties. No delays.

Forty seperate files of the Lightroom V2 Tutorial are available for download. They are enclosed in nine zipped files for download. The files average between 10 and 30 minutes each in length and each covers a discrete topic. The files average 100MB in size and total close to 4GB for the complete 40 file tutorial.

You can (and should) download each file seperately. Start watching right away while you download additional files. The video files can be downloaded at any time from your account. There is no time or download limit. The files may also be transfered between hard drives.

We sincerely hope that by not locking or restricting these files in any way that we are contributing to your ease of use, but also that you will respect our copyright and the huge amount of effort that went into creating these turotials. Please do not share these with others. We have made the price low enough that everyone should be willing to purchase their own copies.

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The Contents

A comprehensive Table of Contents can be found here.

This live video tutorial covers Lightroom in depth, with the type of detail and focus that only Michael and Jeff, two of the program's internal alpha and beta testers, can provide. We look at each of the program's modules – Library – Develop – Slideshow – Print – Web – and explore their features and functions in detail. Our orientation is toward workflow, which is what Lightroom excels at. You'll learn all of the keyboard shortcuts, and how to take best advantage of each of Lightroom's powerful new tools.

If you're the type of person that learns best by a live demonstration and hands-on approach, rather than from a book, then The Luminous Landscape Guide to Lightroom 2 is for you.


Upgrade your Lightroom Library catalog from 1.x to v.2

Upgrade Catalog

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A FAQ for Download Video and QuickTime can be found here.


About This Video

The video was shot in May 2008 in Toronto using late release candidates of Lightroom 2. The video cameras used were Sony EX-1 & Sony HDV.

Equipment used:

- Mac Book Pro 17" & 15"

Special Thanks

Henry Wilhelm, who joined us on the photography trip to Niagara Falls and for a day of the taping in Toronto.


Shot and co-edited by Christopher Sanderson with additional editing by Mark Guertin.


All video is ©2008 Terra Luma Inc. All Rights Reserved


Note that because this tutorial is a download
there are no shipping costs, import taxes, or duties.


Michael & Jeff LR2
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Begin Learning Lightroom 2 in-Depth Now!


July, 2008

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