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Interview with Henry Wilhelm - Audio


In the late Summer of 2008, Michael interviewed Henry Wilhelm,
founder of Wilhelm Imaging Research
for a video in the current Epson Print Academy.

The Print Academy video is about 14 minutes.
Here is the complete audio of the 68 minute interview
divided into 18 separate files

Wilhelm & Reichmann


Why Henry went to Jail


Light Fastness Ratings

Recent History

History of Inkjet Printing

Inkjet's Advantage

ISO Standard?

Dye & Pigment Inks

The Five Factors of Permanence

Papers & Inks

Paper Types - 1

Paper Types - 2

More Buzz Words

Epson HDR Inks + more Buzzwords

OBAs - Optical Brightening Agents


Recommendations for Permanence


Please Be Sure to Find Out More About
The Epson Print Academy
Taking Place in
Major US and Canadian Cities
From November '08 through May '09

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