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Advanced Guide + New User's Introduction to Lightroom 4


A multi-hour series of Training Videos
with Jeff Schewe & Michael Reichmann


Familiarize yourself with Lightroom 4 +
Learn in-depth its Advanced Features

 Table of Contents 

Includes both the Advanced Guide and New User's Introduction to Lightroom 4.

The price is US $60.00

LR2/3 tutorial customers, obtain a 15% off coupon


Satisfaction Guaranteed or Purchase Price Refunded

The Advanced Guide ,  Introduction and an Update are available as separate tutorials.

The Luminous Landscape Advanced Guide to Lightroom 4 is designed for those already familiar with previous versions of Lightroom.

The Luminous Landscape New User's Introduction to Lightroom 4  is designed to quickly familiarize a new user with Lightroom, to quickly refresh an existing user's knowledge and to briefly introduce the features new to Lightroom 4.

There is a separate tutorial on all the new features of Lightroom 5.

Users new to Lightroom should start with the Lightroom 4 tutorial and work through to the Lightroom 5 tutorial

About The Tutorials

The Advanced Guide and New User's Introduction to Lightroom 4 is a comprehensive video tutorial covering all the key features of Lightroom 4.

The format is High Definition 720P video available as either streaming or download video.

Advanced Guide and New User's Introduction to Lightroom 4 is made up of multiple separate videos. Each is titled and numbered. The QuickTime .mov files use 'chapter markers' for easy navigation to specific points; chapters are a feature of QuickTime Player and may not be visible in other media players.

Use the Table of Contents to identify the contents of each download file and your areas of specific interest. We suggest you create a unique folder/directory to store the videos and associated files.

 Familiarize yourself with Lightroom 4 +
Learn in-depth its Advanced Features



A FAQ for Download Video and QuickTime can be found here.

* Note the system requirements for Lightroom 4 

September, 2012

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