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New User's Introduction to Lightroom 4

A series of 16 Training Videos
with Jeff Schewe, Eric Chan & Michael Reichmann
updated September 2012 

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Learn the Basic & New Features of Lightroom 4 now

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The Luminous Landscape New User's Introduction to Lightroom 4 is designed for those new to Lightroom and also for those who would like a brief introduction the new features of Lightroom 4.


The price is US $20.00

Published separately is the Luminous Landscape Advanced Guide to Lightroom 4. This is a detailed 'deep dive' into the new & advanced features of Lightroom 4 and is designed for existing users of Lightroom 2 or 3.

The price is US $50.00

Also available is a combination of both Advanced and New User's Introduction.

The price is US $60.00 


About The Tutorial

The New User's Introduction to Lightroom 4 is a basic video tutorial covering the new & key features of Lightroom 4. The overall length is two hours & 23 minutes.

The 16 videos include basic Introductions to all the Lightroom Modules: Library, Develop, Map, Book, Slideshow, Print & Web.

Additional and more detailed videos cover:

 - Import & Export
 - Processing in Develop
 - the new Book module
 - Preferences & Catalog Preferences
 - working in Library
 - Snapshots & Virtual Copies
 - working with Photoshop
 - Tone Controls with Eric Chan of Adobe (added Sept 2012)
 - Process Versions with Eric Chan (added Sept 2012)


The format is High Definition 720P video suitable for playback on a modern computer or on an iPad.

New User's Introduction to Lightroom 4 is made up of 16 separate video files. Each is titled and numbered. The QuickTime .mov files use 'chapter markers' for easy navigation to specific points.

Use the Table of Contents to identify the contents of each download file and your areas of specific interest. We suggest you create a unique folder/directory to store the videos and associated files.

A copy of the Table of Contents is also availablein in the first file of your order.



 Learn the Basic & New Features of Lightroom 4 Now!


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A FAQ for Download Video and QuickTime can be found here.

* Note the system requirements for Lightroom 4 

September, 2012

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