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Guide to Lightroom 4.x
Update with Eric Chan & Jeff Schewe

New Features in Lightroom 4.1 and above


Table of Contents


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New Features of Lightroom 4.1 and above

Over two hours of content in five videos which cover the features added to new versions of Lightroom 4

Also a complete demonstration of the newly available DNG Flat Field plug-in for Lightroom 4.2

Each video features Eric Chan, Principal Scientist at Adobe, along with Jeff Schewe & Michael Reichmann

Included is a two part, 70 minute interview with Eric Chan.

Content of the Guide to Lightroom 4 - Update with Eric Chan & Jeff Schewe

-  DNG Flat Field Plug-in - 24 minutes  

-  Chromatic Aberration & Defringe - 16 minutes

-  High Dynamic Range in 32 bit floating point  -  17 minutes

-  Eric Chan Interview Part 1 - 36 minutes

Introduction, ‘Missing’ Len Profiles,  Adobe & Manufacturers,  Sensor Development,  DNG Profiles

-  Eric Chan Interview Part 2 - 33 minutes

Resolution, Moiré & AA Filters, Chromatic Aberration, Software Development,  Content Recognition,  Video,  One Final Question...



FAQ for Download Video and QuickTime can be found here.

* Note the system requirements for Lightroom 4 

September, 2012



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