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Camera to Print and Screen

A multi-hour series of Training Videos
on Fine Art Photography
with Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe


Learn how to maximize the Image Quality of your shots
and reproduce them exactly on paper,  screen, canvas or other media

Free Preview Video
Black & White Conversion

 Table of Contents

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Purchase Price Refunded

About The Tutorial

The tutorial is made up of  sixty separate videos. Total running time is 12 hours 35 minutes. Total download size is 10.6 GB.

 The sections include: 

- New Printer Setup (Epson R3000)
- Image Quality
- Colour Management
- Soft Proofing
- Working Environment
- From Scan to Print
- Sharpening
- Noise Reduction
- Black & White
- Printing from either Lightroom or Photoshop
- Resolution
- Current Printer Review
- Inks
- Papers
- Printing to Canvas & Face-Mount
- a complete Fine Art shoot: 'The Violin' - from camera to print...
- Printer Maintenance
- Matting & Framing
- Presentation & Packaging
- Export to iPad, Slidesow, Web
- Top Ten Myths of Digital Printing 

For a complete listing of the videos, please read the Table of Contents


The price is US $60.00


A discount is available to purchasers of the previous tutorial From Camera To Print - 2008 - with the use of a special coupon code. The coupon will reduce the store price by 15%

About the Video Files

The format is High Definition 720P video suitable for playback on a modern computer or on an iPad.

Camera to Print & Screen is made up of sixty separate video files. Each is titled and numbered. The video files use 'chapter markers' for easy navigation to specific points.

Use the Table of Contents to identify the contents of each download file or to locate a specific video. We suggest you create a unique folder/directory to store the videos and associated files.

Watch the free previews: the 6 minute Introduction or the 21 minute video #36 on B&W conversion


Please note that the Guides to Image Quality & to Colour Management
are made up of videos from the complete Camera to Print and Screen tutorial 




Free Preview

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Purchase Price Refunded

Download Video Means:

No shipping costs, no import taxes or duties. No delays.


January, 2012

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