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2 July, 2014 - Panasonic FZ1000 Review

The latest so-called Bridge camera from Panasonic is the FZ1000. It features a 20MP  1" sensor, 4K video and a 25-400mm f/2.8-f/4 lens. By choosing to make the Panasonic FZ1000 about the same size as a chunky entry-level DSLR, Panasonic has found a combination that will likely meet the needs of a great many photographers, including some who might not have considered a camera in this category before.

The June winner in our 2015 Antarctica Expedition Contest is David Rosenthal, of Palo Alto, CA. Congratulations David.

David is now a finalist in the contest and also wins a free lifetime subscription to all LuLa videos.

You can also enter the contest. Every purchase at our online store is an entry, and each annual subscription is equal to six entries.

The grand prize is an all-expenses paid Antarctic Expedition worth $15,000. This is the last month to make an entry that makes you eligable for this prize. Find out more.

5 July, 2014 - Pentax 645Z First Impressions

There has been a lot of chatter lately about the Sony 50mp CMOS chip and the cameras it has been put in.  Phase One and Hassleblad have both announced 50mp versions of their backs in the last few months.  Pentax announced theirs too and just last week started to ship the Pentax 645Z.  We we managed to get our hands one and Michael with Nick Devlin take this new camera through its paces.  Is it all the camera everyone was hoping for?  Now you can find out by reading Pentax 645Z First Impressions Review

10 July, 2014 - Kimberley Video Now FREE


The Kimberley video is now being offered FREE.  Please enjoy the video and the Kimberley Adventure.  Usually these videos are part of our video subscriber content or are offered for sale.  However, we would like to share this video with you and encourage you to consider joining us for our 2015 Kimberley Trip.  If you register prior to July 16th at 11PM (eastern US time) you will receive a $1000.00 USD off the registration fee.


13 July, 2014 - LuLa Team Is On The Move


The LuLa team is on the move. As you read this Kevin Raber is already in Svalbard, Norway  to lead two back to back photography workshops on the M/S Malmo.  Svalbard is just about as far north as any land mass can be.  From there the group will explore the area and head into the ice pack looking for Polar Bear, Reindeer, and Walrus.  In addition they will visit some beautiful landscapes and giant glaciers.  A full report will follow after the trips.  Don't forget you can be part of adverntures like this.  Join us in 2015 for our Fly Over The Drake - Antarctica Workshops (spaces available on both trips)

Kevin will be testing a NEW 150-600 Tamron zoom lens and the Sigma dp2 Quattro. The Quattro is a most unusual camera and we will have a full report in August on this camera by Kevin and Michael.

Michael is headed south to Mexico for a couple of weeks and will be publishing articles on a regular basis from there.  He will also be finishing a big project he has been working on (the biggest in 15 years) and you can expect to hear more about it in a few weeks.

We have also been very busy working on a number of new video tutorials and we’ll have more news on those in August.  

And, before much longer we’ll be off to Photokina and be reporting on the all the news directly from Germany.

14 July, 2014 - Portrait of an Emerging Photographer

I (Kevin) have thousands of friends on Facebook.  I know a few hundred.  These friends are mostly fellow photographers who share their passion and recent images.  I have always enjoyed sharing my images and getting feedback.  A few years ago I took notice of a certain photographer Valerie Millett on Facebook.  She seems a natural when it came to landscape photography and over the years I watched her images mature and take a beautiful form using color, light and excellent composition.  I asked Valerie to tell us her story and we share that today. Portrait Of An Emerging Photographer.  It’s wonderful to see in our adventures and workshops how many women are enjoying and making incredible landscape images.  We have previously published Eleanor Brown's work and Jackie Ranken's.

18 July, 2014 - Out On The Streets with a Leica M8

There are as many stories as there are photographers... gear we've bought, and how it's changed the way we see and work. This is one photographer's story.

Don't forget to check out our schedule of workshops for the rest of 2014 and into 2015. There are even a few spots left on our Antarctic workshops!!

24 July, 2014 - Hiking For Photographers


Want to be a better landscape photographer? Get out there and find the images. In this new article by Skip Spitzer, this experienced hiker explains how photographers can make the most of the hiking experience.

Available Photographic Workshops

We have a number of new workshops on offer, and a very few places in some exciting upcoming ones. Visit our Workshop page to find out more.

1 August, 2014 - Luminous Endowment Launched


Michael Reichmann, the founder of The Luminous Landscape, has announced the launch of The Luminous Endowment for Photographers, a charitable organization whose mandate is to provide grants to photographers world-wide who are in need of financial support for their photographic undertakings.

Today also sees the publication of Michael Reichmann – a Twenty Year Retrospective. This large format, cloth bound, hard-cover book has 400 pages, containing 380 images. It was designed by Arturo Chapa, one of the world's top book designers. This book is available in two editions; a signed and numbered limited-edition (500 copies only), contained in a clam-shell style slip-case, and also in an open series hard-covered edition without slip-case.

The design, printing and production of this book is Michael's donation to The Endowment. The book is available to you in both editions through your donation to The Luminous Endowment For Photographers. This book will only be available as a gift to people who donate to The Endowment, and will not be available in bookstores.

The are two new article online here today... Announcing – The Luminous Endowment for Photographers and Michael Reichmann – A Twenty Year Retrospective.

Or, visit The Luminous Endowment for Photographers directly to find out more.


6 August, 2014 - We're Back, Alain Briot's Essay - My Vision


We’re back and running on all cylinders again.  With just about three weeks in the Arctic running 2 back to back Svalbard workshops and finalizing the launch of the Luminous-Endowment site, we have found we are a bit behind on publishing articles and other news.  And, we have a lot of it in the queue so expect new articles at a faster rate for the next few weeks.  We also have a number of new videos just about ready to come on line.

Today we share Alain Briot’s newest essay - Vision Part 10, My Vision.  In this essay Alain talks about his vision.  Vision in our photography is something we all strive for.  Alain explains how he defines his.  As always Alain makes us think about a number of things.  Trying some of his ideas for defining vision are a good exercise.  I like one of his paragraphs in his conclusion.  

“I want to create images that represent a vision, a dream. Images that suggest an idea rather than impose a specific meaning.  Images that ask the viewer to get personally involved, to invest something of themselves in order to understand and appreciate each image.  I want to create images that invite the viewer to be charmed, enchanted, even seduced by the image.”

9 August, 2014 - Ultimate Iceland Workshop


Iceland, a landscape photographers heaven.  Luminous-Landscape was one of the first to explore and offer workshops in this magnificent country.  That was over 10 years ago and since then there are dozens of workshops being offered there and at times, popular locations can be over run by photography workshops and photographers.  As a result we have avoided doing workshops in Iceland until now..

After lots of discussion and work we are ready to offer a workshop in Iceland again and it will be different than all others.  Teaming up with Daniel Bergmann one of (if not) the best guides and photographers in Iceland, LuLa is proud to offer the Ultimate Iceland Adventure.  This workshop will be held next June 22 – July 1st 2015.  

If you have been to Iceland before and now want to see a part that you haven’t seen before then this is the workshop for you.  It will have heavy focus on the beautiful highlands and includes aerial photography.  This 10 Day / 9 night adventure will sell out quickly so visit the Rockhopper Workshops site and register today.

Our good friend William Neill has a number of prints being offered at special pricing through August 10th at the Ansel Adams Gallery.  You can learn more about this offer and see some of Bill’s great photography HERE.

10, August, 2014 - Svalbard Double Header


It’s been ten days since returning from a fantastic back to back workshop in Svalbard, Land Of The Polar Bear.  As we do with many of our workshops we would like to share the adventure and journey.  We have now posted the Svalbard 2014 - The High Arctic and hope you will take the time to enjoy reliving the adventure with us.  Peter Cox also has included some amazing footage made from his drone that will give you a perspective that you couldn’t see otherwise.

Check back tomorrow when we make a special announcement about our upcoming 2015 Antarctica Back to Back Workshops.

11, August, 2014 - Michael Is Returning To Antarctica!


We have two photographic expeditions to Antarctica this coming winter, January 26 – February 4, 2015 and January 31 – February 9, 2015. These will be lead by Kevin Raber and five of the world's greatest instructor / photographers; Art Wolfe, Christian Fletcher, Charlie Cramer, Joe Cornish. Katrin Eismann and Jackie Ranken.

Now, due to a change of scheduling, Michael Reichmann is able to join both expeditions as instructor and traveling companion, his fifth and sixth voyages to Antarctica.

If you've always wanted to work with Michael, and wish to do so on a photographic trip that is as close to visiting another planet as any of us will ever get, then grab one of the few remaining places on one of these voyages.

This is the chance of a lifetime. 

In addition we have added Peter Cox to our second trip. Peter will round out our instructor line up giving attendees one of the most talented group of instructors every assembled for a workshop.

You can learn more about Peter and Michael joining the workshops HERE or go directly to the Rockhopper Page for full workshop details.

13, August 2014, - Don Burrell - Our First Masters Video

Things are getting very exciting at Luminous-Landscape.  We have a lot of projects in the works.  In addition to the workshops that we are announcing and running, we have been writing articles and producing a number of new and different videos.

As our industry moves rapidly to a total digital environment we leave behind our heritage of film and analog photography.  As part of a number of new video series, we proudly offer up the first of a series of videos where we sit down and talk with The Masters.  These are the men and women who have been in this industry and watched it change -  and who have changed with it.  They have fascinating stories to tell and exceptional insight to share, gained through their journeys.

Today we invite you to join Kevin Raber, Luminous-Landscape’s publisher and CEO as he sits down with Don Burrell of Burrell Imaging, in Crown Point, Indiana.  Don is a man of inexhaustible energy who at his age is still going with energy that any one of us wish we could have.  His passion for photography and the people that surround him is a good part of his story. This Video is available HERE for purchase or as part of the annual subscription

15 August, 2014 - The Luminous Endowment Grows

We launched the Luminous Endowment on August 1 and it has received wide attention and enthusiastic support. The number of applications from photographers around the world increases every day. Clearly there is a need in the photographic community for financial support for worthwhile projects, and it is our intention in the months and years ahead to finance as many of these as possible. Why not visit our new site and find out more?

But we need your financial support to make these grants possible. Please visit The Endowment, spend a few minutes finding out who we are and what we are doing. Also, find out how you can receive a copy of Michael's new 400 page book titled Michael Reichmann – A Twenty Year Retrospective as a gift in exchange for your generous donation to other photographers. The Endowment is a not-for-profit.

19 August, 2014 - Tribute To Uwe Steinmueller & Digital Zone System

Today Alain Briot shares a tribute to recently departed friend and fellow website master that many of have known for years Uwe Steinmueller.  We are deeply saddened by Uwe passing and thank Alain for helping us remember the good times and contributions made by Uwe.

We also share today and article by Christopher Schneiter - The Digital Zone System.  Christopher writes on the concept of how the analog idea of a zone system can be equated to digital photography today.

Rockhopper Workshops, the exclusive provider of photography workshops for Luminous-Landscape is presently running a workshop in the Palouse.  This is beautiful area of southeast Washington state.  The harvest is happening right now.  Check the Rockhopper Site’s blog over the next few days for updates.  The workshop officially kicked off Monday afternoon.


The Luminous Endowment for Photographers announced today the availability of a new grant... The Nicholas Kitto Grant For Emerging Photographers In Greater China.

The grant is sponsored by Nicholas Kitto, a long-time resident of Hong Kong, who after 35 years as a professional accountant is now enjoying full-time commitment to his life-long passion for photography.

The grant is valued at US $5,000 and is awarded twice yearly.  It is open to photographers of all ages who are moving to the next level in their art and craft.  The applicant may be of any nationality but must be resident in Greater China, which for these purposes is defined as being Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

25 August, 2014 - Announcing Michael's Phlog

We are pleased to announce a major new feature that links together The Luminous Landscape and The Luminous Endowment web site. It is called Michael's PhlogMichaels Phlog will regularly feature a new image or two taken by Michael, and then analysed by Michael, with discussions about the locations and situation as well as shooting technique used, and post processing.

We have also set up a new Forum for discussion of each image featured on Michael Phlog.

The Phlog is located on  The Luminous Endowment web site because we want to draw your attention to this new not-for-profit. It is a place for photographers to make donations which will benefit other photographers around the world – and where you receive a copy of Michael's new 400 page retrospective book as a gift for your generous donation. The Endowment site is also where photographers can find out about and apply for grants to fund their photographic dreams.

Why is it called a "Phlog"? Well, though a strange word, it simply means a Photographic Blog

27 August, 2014 - The Mirrorless Revolution

There is no question times are a changing and in the photographic world we are witnessing these changing times with the migration to mirrorless camera systems.  A recent report by CIPA and summarized by Mirrorlessrumors shows that DSLR shipments are falling and mirrorless camera shipments are steadily climbing.  

Recently Michael and I sat down and made a video The Mirrorless Revolution.  We discuss the move to mirrorless and why both of us have adopted it and why we enjoy it and what we think of the present offerings in this market.  Plus, Michael sends a message to Nikon and Canon.  

Have you wanted to travel to the bottom of the world and experience one of the most incredible photographic environments there is?  Well you can this January and February with the Fly Over The Drake - Antarctica Workshop.  Don’t hesitate register today

The Ultimate Iceland Workshop.  See the Iceland others don’t.


Michael's Phlog was just updated on August 30


1 September, 2014 - Sigma DP2 Quattro - Not Ready For Prime Time


As the digital photography age matures we are all waiting for the newest big thing. So far this year there hasn’t been anything really big. Many camera makers are upgrading their present camera models without showing any real new innovation. However, there is one company that is bold to say the least and not only introduced a radically different looking camera but also put a Foveon chip inside it.  Sigma, recently introduced the Sigma DP2 Quattro. We had the chance to try this camera out. Our review Not Ready For Prime Time will show where we think Sigma and Foveon missed the mark. Some may not agree, read on and see what you think.

You have to love a Photokina year. The next few weeks are going to be crazy with a large number of anticipated announcements as well as hopefully some big surprises. Both Michael and Kevin will be at Photokina this year and you can expect daily updates on the latest from the show floor. More on this over the next two weeks.

Michael's Phlog was just updated on September 3rd




4 September, 2014 - The Pentax 645Z - In Depth Review


There has been a lot of talk about major camera companies possibly taking steps into the medium format digital marketplace.  Till now these have just been rumors. But this is a market segment that is not going away, regardless of what some people say.  One of the relative newcomers to this market is Pentax. Over the last few years the Pentax line has evolved, and recently Pentax introduced the Pentax 645Z as a major upgrade to their previous 645D.  Did they get it right:? The Pentax 645Z - In Depth Review by Michael will try and answer these questions for you.

Have you wanted to travel to the bottom of the world and experience one of the most incredible photographic environments there is?  Well you can this January and February with the Fly Over The Drake - Antarctica Workshop.  Don’t hesitate register today.

The Ultimate Iceland Workshop.  See the Iceland others don’t.

Michael's Phlog was updated on September 5th


6 September, 2014 - Join Michael In Antarctica


This January and February Luminous-Landscape is once again traveling to Antarctica. This is a trip of a lifetime.  If you are a passionate photographer of nature and landscapes then this is a once in a lifetime trip.  This is a fly over the Drake Passage which avoids 5 days of sailing in some of the roughest seas in the world. We have assembled without a doubt one of the best line-ups of instructors for a workshop  – ever.  Now we are adding Michael Reichmann to the list.  Michael, the founder of Luminous-Landscape and the Luminous-Endowment will be joining us for both trips.  

I’m thrilled that Michael can join us.  If you have ever wanted to be part of one of Michael’s workshop then this is the one. With Michael’s involvement with The Endowment now it is hard for him to find the time to do workshops like this.  We have only a few spots left on each trip.  It’s not too late to be part of an amazing adventure with some amazing photographers and world class instructors.

Kevin Raber, CEO & Publisher of Luminous-Landscape will be having a one man show at the Tarkington Gallery in Indianapolis opening on Friday, September 12, 2014.  The Gallery is located at 4000 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.  If you are in the area please joint Kevin for an opening reception from 5:30 - 7:30 PM on the evening of the 12th.  Kevin will be displaying a selection of large prints he has made from around the globe.  Any questions please EMAIL Kevin.

7 September, 2014 - Why Medium Format


Having been a medium format shooter for the last 13 years I don’t need a lot of arm twisting when it comes to medium format digital.  It’s always good to hear though from someones as they tell their story about making the switch to medium format.  Today we share Andy Biggs’s article Why Medium Format.  Andy, a well respected wildlife and landscape shooter takes us through his journey of adopting the medium format digital Phase One system.  Read about the ins and outs of making the switch and what he learned along the way.  Enjoy!

Have you wanted to travel to the bottom of the world and experience one of the most incredible photographic environments there is?  Well you can this January and February with the Fly Over The Drake - Antarctica Workshop.  Don’t hesitate register today.

The Ultimate Iceland Workshop.  See the Iceland others don’t.

Michael's Phlog was updated on September 9th


10 September, 2014 - Beta Testers Needed


Once in a while a new and different program comes along in the photography field that gets our attention.  One in particular is Mylio.  Previously in the post we were helping them get 100 Beta Testers.  Mission Acomplished.

It only took a few hours but the 100 Beta Testers have been signed up.  Watch here for an announcement when the next wave of Bata Testers will be announced.


Michael's Phlog was updated on September 10th



11 September, 2014 - Upgrading To The Leaf Credo 80


This is date I hope many of us take a moment to reflect on as it is the anniversary of 9/11.  This was a most tragic day and one I'll never forget.  Please remember those that have fallen and those that serve.  I have two sons in the military (Navy and Army) as well as a daughter in law serving in the Army.  Like all their brothers in arms they serve with dedication so we can live the lives we do.  I am very proud of them. Also, don't forget all of those victims of that day, and those that served and have not come home.  Let's hope we can get through the challenges ahead.  As the FDNY says "Never Forget"  

Continuing with our articles on Medium Format we share a story by Robb Williamson today, Upgrading To The Leaf Credo 80.  Not only is Robb a great photographer, but he is a detailed writer.  He shares with us his decision and process of making an upgrade to the Leaf Credo 80.  He also gives good insight into using technical cameras with medium format digital backs.

Michael and Kevin leave for Cologne, Germany on Sunday and they will be covering Photokina.  This is the largest photo show in the world and happens only every other year.  Unlike in the past when most manufacturers actually announced products at the show, mostly everything that is new has already been announced.  As usual though, there will be surprises.  Michael and Kevin have a number of interviews set-up with some of the big wigs of the industry.  They will be making regular and daily reports on what they see and hear.  So, check in regularly next week to keep up on the latest.

LuLa also has a number of soon to be released videos as well as a large number of interesting articles and reviews.  We’ll be working hard during the next few months to give you more content and informative articles as well as announcing some new workshops for the next two years.  Plus we’ll have a few surprises too.

14, September, 2014 - Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep


We have published a few articles on medium format lately.  So, today we take it down a notch and share an article by Olaf Willoughby.  He re-visits the Leica T and his experiences as a user.  You can read test reports and reviews but using a camera is the bottom line.  Olaf digs right down to the heart of it in “Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep - Thoughts On The Leica T”. 

It’s Photokina time and I am publishing this article from the Delta Lounge at the Atlanta Airport.  The show opens Tuesday and Michael and I will be there covering all the new announcements and possibly a few new surprises.  We’ll be providing daily updates on what we see.  We also have some appointments for interviews and these should be interesting.   So, check back on a regular basis as we bring you the 2014 Photokina Report.

16 September, 2014 - Photokina 2014 Report - Day 1


Every two years the world's largest photographic trade show takes place in Cologne, Germany. This year Michael and Kevin are in attendance and will be reporting on those things that they saw of greatest interest to them, and hopefully to you as well.

We will not be reporting on many mainstream items for two main reasons. One, they are being covered very well elsewhere, and two, for the most part that aren't that exciting – al least not to us.

Click here for our first day report, images and video coverage.

Our friend, Sean Reid of Reidreviews, a subscription site, has just published the web's first in-depth review of the new Leica X.

19 September, 2014 - Photokina 2014 Report Days 2 & 3


Photokina has been running for three days now.  Today we publish our Photokina Report For Days 2 and 3

UPDATE: Our 30 minute long interview with Fuji executives about their new cameras and lenses is now online as part of the article.

UPDATE #2: Due to a poor Internet connection the Fuji video is truncated about half way through. We are uploading a new versions and will announce it here when it is online. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We have one more day at the show and on Friday we will visit Samsung and a few others.  Also we will be doing a Michael and Kevin’s recap of Photokina. Please check back.

20 September, 2014 - Photokina Day 4 Report


Today was an extremely busy day and our last day at Photokina.  This has been a non-stop four days.  We have packed as many meetings in as we could.  We have walked miles looking at all the booths and we have learned a lot.  We’re actually very excited about some of the products we have seen and look forward to trying many of these products out and reporting back to you what we learn.  In today’s Photokina Day 4 Report we share a number of videos as well as comments and photos from around the Photokina Trade Show floor. Tomorrow we will wrap up our coverage with a Wrap Up Video. 

22 September, 2014 - Leica and Fuji Video Interviews Concluded

 UPDATE: We now have completed the upload of Part 2 of the Leica video interview and also Part 2 of the Fuji video Interview.  We apologize for the delay, but our Cologne hotel's Internet service had bandwidth limitations.

25 September, 2014 - Stitching - An Advanced Approach

Well it’s back to business as usual.  Photokina is behind us and we look forward to seeing some real products that we can try out soon.  Many readers who frequent the forum will recognize Bernard Languillier whose article we share today.  Bernard has done a follow-up on a previous article on LuLa Having Fun With Panoramas by Kevin Raber.  Bernard takes image stitching to a new level using software other than Photoshop. His article Stitching - An advanced Approach will allow you to take your Panos and stitched images to a new level.

29 September, 2014 - Critiquing Photographs


I have been practicing photography in one form or another my whole adult life.  One of the best ways I have learned to be a better photographer is by partaking in print critiques.  Michael and I do this with each others work a lot.  Today’s article by regular contributor Alain Briot, How To Critique Photographs Constructively is all about the process of a photographic critique.  I’m sure you’ll learn a few things from this article.  I particularly enjoyed the illustrations towards the end of the article.  

Our friend Sean Reid just published his hands on full review of the Leica M Edition 60.  Sean’s is a paid site but well worth the investment, and his reviews are very thorough.  Check it out.

Michael has published a new image in his Phlog, Blue Hotel.  Have you seen the Luminous-Endowment site?  Take a look at the site and be part of the effort to give grants to photographers worldwide by purchasing Michael’s 20 Year Photography Retrospective .

Please note that if you have been considering a subscription to the Luminous Landscape's videos, Sept 30 is the last day of the $25 discount.

1 October, 2014 - Guide To The Fuji XT-1


Luminous-Landscape pioneered instructional videos years ago with the very successful Lightroom Tutorials.  Now, LuLa takes the same format and applies it to the operation of popular cameras.  Our first in a series of Camera Guide Tutorials we introduce today – Lu-La’s Guide To The Fuji XT-1.  This new tutorial is 3 hours in length and covers all aspects of the set-up and use of this popular camera.  Kevin Raber, LuLa’s publisher along with Jarrid Spicer of Roberts Camera in Indianapolis, Indiana walk you through the process. 

The LuLa Guide To The Fuji XT-1 is available now for LuLa Video Subscribers as well as an individual download for $29.95.  There are 14 videos totaling three hours.  Each video has chapter markers to quickly access the control or menu item you may be interested in.  There is also a PDF available with all the chapters listed.

3 October, 2014 - Thomas Knoll Donates Print Sale to The Luminous Endowment

Thomas Knoll, the co-author of Adobe Photoshop and the designer of Adobe's Camera Raw, is auctioning six large framed prints of his work, with proceeds going to The Luminous Endowment for Photographers.

Tom will be speaking at Adobe MAX this year about his photography and how he uses Photoshop and Lightroom to process his own photographs.

As part of his talk, Tom will showing raw capture / intermediate / final stages for a number of his photos.  For six of these photos he has made large prints which will be displayed at the conference and then auctioned off, with the profits donated to The Luminous Endowment for Photographers.

Thomas is also using an on-line auction site to make the bidding
available to people outside the conference – including you!

You too can own one of these prints, and at the same time help support this important charity, which in turn supports photographers world-wide to pursue their photographic projects.


5 October, 2014 - Pentax 645z Astrophotography Using the iOptron SkyTracker

The night sky holds wonders for photographers. If you live near or have access to a site where there are dark skies; dark enough to see the Milky Way, it's possible to explore our galaxy with your camera.

In Pentax 645z Astrophotography Using the iOptron SkyTracker I describe how to produce extreemly high quality deep-sky images. There are many approaches to this. I chose to use the new Pentax 645z with its very high image quality as well as extreemly clean high ISO capability. A moderately priced tracking accessory and a sold tripod and clear skies are otherwise all that's needed.

8 October, 2014 - The Think Tank Navigator and More

Many of us do a lot of traveling to capture the special images that we enjoy so much.  Getting to these special locations is a challenge these days. We face weight and size limitations of the airlines not to mention our own as we do everything we can do to reduce size and weight of our kits.  Over the years I have collected way too many bags trying to accomplish the ultimate carry solution for my gear.  Today I share one of the newest and best bags I have owned as well as some other tips on how I travel with my gear.  Check out The Think Tank Navigator article as well as a short video and hopefully you’ll find some good information that will help you in your travels. 

I thought I’d share a website I have just bookmarked that you may find handy too. Glossary Of Photographic Terms .

10 October, 2014 - Two Weeks With The Olympus EM-1


In the real estate business there has always been a phrase “location, location, location”.  Lately, the photography industry is getting more about “weight, weight, size”.  A few years ago I wouldn’t have believed I’d be traveling with a small light weight system on a major trip.  In the last year I have become totally hooked on the mirrorless versions of cameras that are available.  I own the Fuji XT-1 and the Olympus OMD E-M1.  I love both systems so choosing one to use is usually a flip of the coin.  On my recent trip to Photokina and Cornwall, England, the Olympus won the toss.

Today I share my experience of Two Weeks With The Olympus EM-1.  I hope you’ll gain some insight into using the Olympus in a variety of situations. 

We have just a few spots left on the Antarctica Trips this January and February.  We have a few single cabins, a few berths in triple cabins and one twin cabin that is open on the first trip.  This will be a trip that you shouldn’t miss.  The instructor line up including Michael Reichmann and Art Wolfe is top notch.  Plus, you can be part of my wedding as I get married in my most favorite place on the planet.  

On the second trip I have only two berths left in twin cabins. 

Don’t hesitate, reserve your space today.  Get in touch with me if you have any questions or have an interest.


Michael's Phlog was just updated on October 13


15 October, 2014 - View Luminous Endowment Grant Applications


As a visitor to this site you are one of over a million people each month who visit here from all over the globe. We share a common passion for photography.

But you may not know that a few months ago Michael Reichmann created a new not-for-profit called The Luminous Endowment for Photographers. The Endowment’s purpose is to fund photographic projects worldwide. Projects by photographers like you.

Our first grant period is coming to a close at the end of this month. Here are links to the applications received so far. There are some very exciting projects seeking funding, and you may enjoy reading about them.

The M. Reichmann Grant

The Luminous Landscape Grant

The Nicholas Kitto Grant

The Mylio Grant

There is one thing missing though. You! 

We need your support in the form of donations to fund the grants and to help your follow photographers fulfill their dreams. You can make a contribution and also receive a copy of Michael new 400 page 20 Year Retrospective Book as a reward for your donation.

Please support The Luminous Endowment for Photographers. – Thanks, Michael

From the Sublime to The Ridiculous

I have always had a great respect for Leica the company as well as their products. Long-time observers will also note that in addition to their "normal" series of camera models, from time to time Leica has released special editions. Cameras with blue alligator leather and gold trim, for example; usually for the Asian market.

But today Leica announced a new camera, the "Leica X “Edition Moncler”, which even surpasses Hasselblad and their horrendous Lunar and Stellar models in its display of bad taste.

I don't know what else to say. I hope that they sell a boatload of these fashion accessories because if it helps Leica's bottom line they'll have more money for engineering and development. But really, Dr. Kaufman. Can dreck like this this be released with a straight face? Hasselblad has the excuse that it is currently run by venture capitalists who haven't a clue about the photographic industry. But Leica? Come now. This is 2014. Let's leave tacky co-branding behind (no matter how lucrative) and instead embrace a new era, where Leica thrives based on its product excellence. – Michael Reichmann

17, October, 2014 - I Wish I Knew How To Paint


Sometimes it is good to slow it down and reflect on our photography.  In his last article Frank Sauer showed us how much we could find to photograph in our own backyard.  Today we share Frank Sauer’s newest essay I Wish I Knew How To Paint.  I hope you enjoy this essay and take some time this weekend to explore the world around you and try some photography like Frank describes.  

We still have a few spots open on our first and second Antarctica Trips.  Take a look at the instructor line up and give some serious consideration in joining us for this amazing adventure.  If you have any questions contact Kevin Raber.  You can learn more about these two trips HERE.

20 October, 2014 - About Photographic Competitions


Every now and then Alain Briot contributes an article that starts good discussions in the forum.  Today’s article About Print Competitions will be just that kind of article.  In his last article Alain did a very good essay about Critiquing Photographs.  Now he takes us into the area of judging prints entered into competitions.  Alain covers just about all aspects one could think of when it comes to judging prints in competitions.  For many photographers this is a part of learning as well as recognition.  You decide after reading the article. In my own experience over many years I have found it interesting to see how images are judged.  I also wonder many times how judges would react to some of the classics of photography. In many ways that images are judged, they would never had received an honorable mention in todays competitions.  This is a very enlightening essay and thank you Alain for this.

Our good friend Thomas Knoll the inventor of Photoshop recently shared his images as a slide show at The Adobe Max 2014 program.  Thomas is a very fine photographer and we thought you might want to see his excellent photography. Enjoy his 9 minute slide show HERE

We still have a few spots open on our first and second Antarctica Trips.  Take a look at the instructor line up and give some serious consideration in joining us for this amazing adventure.  If you have any questions contact Kevin Raber.  You can learn more about these two trips HERE. 

23 October, 2014 - Arches National Park - A Quick Guide To Photography



The National Parks in the US offer a wide variety of photographic opportunities for the landscape photographer.  There is so much to see and photograph, and all of these great parks have something unique to see.  This is the second of a continuing series of National Park Quick Guides by QT Luong.  In his previous guide QT described all the good location in Acadia National Park.  Today QT takes us to Arches National Park, which is one of the most famous parks for photographers.

29 October, 2014 - The Optimum Digital Exposure


One of the most popular articles on Luminous-Landscape is by Michael Reichmann Expose (to the) Right from 2003.  It’s an article that has been referenced numerous times and even today makes total sense.  Today, Bob DiNatale revisits this concept in his article The Optimum Digital Exposure.  It’s a different take on achieving a good exposure with today’s digital cameras.

Michael and Kevin are traveling this week.  Michael is headed to PhotoPlus East (PPE) and Kevin is headed to Scotland to lead a Rockhopper Workshop.  Michael will publish an update from PPE and Kevin will publish articles from Scotland (if the internet cooperates).  We will be back full force the week of November 10th.

1 November, 2014 - Luminous Endowment Grant Applications


As a visitor to this site you are one of over a million people each month who visit here from all over the globe. We share a common passion for photography.

But you may not know that a few months ago Michael Reichmann created a new not-for-profit called The Luminous Endowment for Photographers. The Endowment’s purpose is to fund photographic projects worldwide. Projects by photographers like you.

Our first grant period has just come to a close. Here are links to the applications received; a total of one hundred and thirty two for five different grants. There are some very exciting projects seeking funding, and you may enjoy reading about them.

80 Luminous Landscape Grant applications

41 M. Reichmann Grant applications

5 Mylo Grant applications

4 Lenswork Grant applications

2 N. Kitto Grant Applications

The number of applications is very satisfying. I wish that we had more grants and more money to give, But I must say that I am disappointed in the donor support receive thus far. The Luminous Endowment for Photographers will only thrive if it is support by photographers like you.

Please consider making a donation and receiving a beautiful 400 page book by Michael Reichmann as your reward for giving. These books will make fantastic Christmas presents!!

The winners of these grants will be announced before the end of November, and a new grant period will commence on December 1.

2 November, 2014 - Five Brief Audio Interviews from PhotoPlus

The PhotoPlus 2014 show in New York in late October saw a few new products being announced, for the first time in North America at least. I had been at Photokina in Germany the month before, and frankly, with only a few exceptions, found the industry to be a bit in the doldrums, as well as in a transition state.  PhotoPlus, because it is a consumer show, was much more lively and the crowds seemed to looking at everything with enthusiasm.

Because I was at the show for only one day, I was traveling light, and so instead of the more extensive video interviews which Kevin and I did at Photokina in September, I did mostly audio interviews at PhotoPlus. I also focused my attention on some of the smaller companies exhibiting for the first time, but also with Epson who is just now announcing the SureColor P600 photo printer in North America, though it was shown at Photokina earlier.


Todd R Shaner, using Photoshop

Have you tried buying one of those legendary high-quality film scanners recently and been frustrated by their scarcity and high prices? Do you have countless slides and negatives (especially the latter) you would like to digitize but get turned-off by the time and boredom of scanning and the learning curve of scanning software? Using a camera instead of a scanner for photographing the film isn’t a new idea, but Mark Segal and Todd Shaner decided to revisit this approach with fresh thinking about equipment, techniques and novel processing approaches. They developed two very different workflows for “scanning” negatives that they found so successful they thought it worthwhile sharing them with those interested. Their research findings and recommended workflows are in a comprehensive PDF available in their article Scannerless Digital Capture and Processing of Negative Film Photographs

Mark D Segal, using Color Perfect MakeTiff and SilverFast HDR8

Europe's Landscape Photography Event of the Year - Streamed Live


Image By Joe Cornish

onLandscape magazine's landscape photography conference takes place amongst some of Britain's most dramatic countryside in the English Lake District on 22nd and 23rd November 2014.

Billed as Europe's biggest landscape photography event of the year it brings together some of the continent's best known and loved photographers and the entire weekend is to be beamed out live via satellite and streamed around the world by StreamScape.

Luminous-Landscape is happy to announce that our readers can stream the video from the conference or download segments all for a special price. (see below)


The Swedish photographer Hans Strand tops the bill talking about the opportunity and inspiration Iceland has given him in his photography. Rafael Rojas the Spanish photographer, now living in Switzerland, who runs, a massively popular photographic website, will be looking at which ingredients are needed to produce fine art landscape photographs.

While Britain's best loved landscape photographer Joe Cornish pushes photographers to think at a higher level about their photographs, discusses some lesser known works and provides some thought provoking concepts for landscape photographers to take on-board.

Other speakers include the critically acclaimed Jem Southam whose work has been displayed in the Victoria & Albert Museum, Alan Hinks OBE, the only British photographer to climb all 14 of the world's mountains over 8,000 meters.

The list goes on with David Ward, Paul Gallagher, David Clapp and Paul Wakefield all offering inspiration and insight any landscape photographer would love to hear.

Streamed Live

The streamed event will give internet viewers the opportunity to question the speakers in special internet only “Green Room” interviews after each of their presentations. Particular need to viewers who are in different time zones has also been taken into account with special DVR functions allowing viewers to tune in at any time and rewind to the start of the day.

For those who are unable to watch over weekend all the videos will be available to watch on-line or download for at least 1 year after the event.

The cost of the streaming weekend pass with the Luminous-Landscape discount code is £12.95 – just over US$20 and offers amazing value. Tickets to actually attend the event are still available at £225 (US$375). 

The Luminous-Landscape discount code is LL35 and active till the end of the conference.

To book your weekend pass and for more information visit


15 November, 2014 - My Astrophotography Adventure


Lately, as many readers know, Michael Reichmann has ventured into a new area of interest for himself – astrophotography, When Michael dives into something he dives into the deep end head-first.  Today’s article is a look into his journey – An Astrophotography Adventure.

Don’t forget we still have a small number of berths available for the Antarctica Trips due to a few cancellations.  It’s still not too late to join us on Antarctica 2015.  Also we have only a few spots left on our Iceland workshop in June.  If you want to explore Iceland differently than other workshops then check out this Iceland 2015 Workshop .

19 November, 2014 - Photographers Block


I’m sure you have experienced what is commonly called writers block.  A time where you just can’t seem to get something on paper the way you want.  The same thing happens to photographers too.  It’s when you reach a point of not being able to creatively create an image the way you want.  It can be frustrating to say the least.  Today, Alain Briot dives into Photographers Block and how to get out of it.  His article Photographers Block will help you find ways out of the doldrum and back to your groove.

 UPDATE: – Nov 21

Not more than a week after Michael's article on Astrophotography with the Pentax 645z article was first published Ricoh / Pentax has announced a firmware update that allows turning off long exposure noise reduction. This was the most significant limitation that the 645z had when doing astrophotography.

Either Pentax is the fastest responding camera company in history, or Michael wasn't the only person complaining about this limitation. Either way – thanks Pentax!

23 November, 2014 - Antarctica 2015 Trip Winner Announced


Earlier this year Luminous-Landscape announced a special promo for our video subscription services.  The offer was that if you purchased an annual subscription to our videos we would enter your name for a chance to win an all expense paid trip to our 2015 Antarctica Workshop Trip.  We are happy to today to announce the winner of this trip, Michele Sons from Roanoke, Virginia USA.

24 November, 2014 - Samsung NX-1 First Impressions


It’s been an exciting week at LuLa.  All the cool new products that were announced at Photokina are finally shipping and arriving at our doorstep for testing and reviews.  Every Photokina has its surprises and this Photokina the buzz was all about the Samsung NX-1.  The specs of the NX-1 were certainly impressive.  Of course we were skeptics as the camera was made by Samsung, a relatively new player in the camera field.  So, does the NX-1 live up to its specs?  Read Michael Reichmann’s Samsung NX-1 First Impressions article to see.

25 November, 2014 - Yellowstone In The Winter


In the last week just about all parts of North America received a very early preview of winter.  In Buffalo they received nearly 6 feet of snow.  And that is before Thanksgiving.  So, in honor of a cold winter ahead we present Nigel Turner’s article on Yellowstone In The Winter.  Nigel who shared an article Symphony In Stone takes us deep into Yellowstone during the coldest part of winter.  Enjoy some beautiful photography and remember just because it is cold out doesn't mean your cameras need to gather dust sitting on the shelf.

26 November, 2014 - Luminous-Endowment Grant Winners Announced and More


For our US readers, Happy Thanksgiving.  We wish you a great Holiday and we hope you enjoy a lot of turkey and time with your family as well as some good ole US football.  

So much is happening at LuLa these days.  We’re busy working on a lot of projects and on  new interesting articles and reviews as well as videos.  Today though we want to share some special news.

As you hopefully are aware Michael Reichmann the founder of Luminous-Landscape started earlier this year the Luminous-Endowment.  This is a program to help fund photographers that are working on special photographic endeavors.  Today we announce the winners of the first round of grants. We are proud to announce that we have awarded $20,000 USD in grants this past week.

Luminous-Endowment Grant Winners

The amount of grant requests were incredible and we hope to see many more in our next round of grant requests.  This program would not be possible without donations from our readers as well as some very generous private and corporate donors.  Please take a look at our site and consider how you can be part of helping aspiring photographers make their dream projects come true.

A Special Opportunity For Giving And Receiving

We are also announcing a Special Opportunity For Giving and Receiving starting today and running to Christmas Day. To help raise money for the Endowment, to be used to finance future grants, The Luminous Endowment has created a special new and lower donation level of $200. The reward that you will receive for this tax-deductible donation is a copy of Michael Reichmann's new book – A Twenty Year Retrospective. Normally this book requires a $350 donation to be received as a reward for your donation. This will be the price again after December, 25th.  Please consider donating and helping the Luminous-Endowment.


Michael's beautiful book would make a great Holiday gift for the photographer in your life or maybe you want to hint to someone special that you would like this as a gift.  To learn more on how to Give and Receive - click here.

27 November, 2014 - 25% Off entire Video Catalog

 Lu-La's Black Friday Sale is now on!

Get 25% Off our entire Video Catalog until midnight Sunday, November 30.

Use this coupon code at checkout:


30 November, 2014 - Uniqball, A Unique Approach To Leveling


We have been trying some pretty cool new gear out over the last few weeks.  Michael has already shared his First Impressions of the Samsung NX1.  A lot of the products we are now working with and will report on soon were announced at Photokina.  One of these products was a new style ball head.  Just when you didn’t think you could improve on a ball head concept any further we see a new player from Hungary introduce a new style ball head.  Today, Nick Devlin gives us a look at the Uniqball, A Unique Approach To Leveling.  This ball head is available at B&H Photo.  I ordered one.

We also have a new advertiser on board as of today, DXO.  DXO has three very cool applications for working on images.  Check them out!

We have a single cabin on our first Antarctica Trip in January available as well as 2 berths on our second trip.  It’s not too late to be part of an amazing adventure to one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Check It Out!

Also until the end of tomorrow (Monday) you can get 25% off of our entire Video Catalog.  Ends at 11:59 December 1st.

2 December, 2014 - Another Two Barytas in the Neighbourhood


There hasn’t been a lot of activity in new printers lately, but there has been a number of new ink jet paper introductions.  We are looking at and testing a number of different and interesting papers.  Today, Mark Segal looks at two new papers from Hahnemuhle and Moab.  Another Two Barytas in the Neighbourhood takes a look at these two papers and how they can fit into your printing workflow.

If you haven’t seen it you should check out the amazing special B&H is offering on A Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition Digital Camera.  An instant savings of $2,300 USD now reduced to $999.00.  Guess they didn’t sell quite as well as expected.  

 The OnLandscape Conference was held this past weekend.  I had the chance to tune in and watch the lectures from a few of my favorite speakers, Joe Cornish being one of them.  Joe just did a workshop with me in Scotland and will be joining us for our Antarctica Trips in January.  All presentations at the conference are now available with a special LuLa Discount of 25% just use the code LL25 at check out.  If you have some time to watch these they are pretty interesting. Check out the Videos Available.

7 December, 2014 - The Olympus 40-150mm Lens


It’s a photographers market right now.  Tough decisions must be made as to what gear to purchase.  There is no question the mirrorless revolution is well under way.  We recently reviewed the new Samsung NX1 with some very impressive specs.  The Olympus OMD and Fuji systems have been growing very fast and let’s not forget Sony with the amazing a7 system.  Sony took another step forward this last week and announced the Sony a7 II with some amazing features.  We are now testing a version and we should have a report very soon. So, if you join the mirrorless movement which system do you go with?  They are all good and offer amazing performance. We’ll be visiting a number more of the mirrorless options over the next few weeks. Hopefully we can help you make the choice bestt for you.

So, continuing with our focus on the mirrorless systems we post Kevin Raber’s look at the new Olympus 40-150mm Pro zoom lens. This new lens is the second of four announced Pro Lenses by Olympus, that are on the road map to be shipped.  This lens is a good example of what smart engineering is all about and is quite a performer.  Read more HERE.

9 December, 2014 - Sony A7 MKII Hands-On Report

Some companies (you know who I mean) are slow, stodgy, conservative and cautious. None of these adjectives can be applied to Sony. They are impetious, aggressive, innovative and overall risk takers. If they screw up, as they sometimes do, they simply brush themselves off and forge ahead. With the recently introduced Sony A7 MKII we see a continuing evolution of what was once the NEX brand and is now just Sony's Alpha brand using the new full frame FE mount. 

I have had a week to work with the new MKII. With its redesigned body, in-body stabilization and superior autofocus this is the best 7 series camera yet, and one of the most interesting new cameras of 2014. I already have one on order.

Read my report here.

12 December, 2014 - Special Antarctica Offer and An Article About Color and Human Vision Anomalies

A few years ago I was traveling with LuLa’s good friend Bill Atkinson.  Over dinner one night we got into a conversation on color and how the human eye and mind see color.  It was quite fascinating not to mention mind boggling.  Bill is one of the industries experts on color. Over the years, we have published stories about Color and Human Vision.  The way the eye sees color is quite fascinating. Today Charles Johnson Sr. shares his article on Observing and Managing Color: Dealing With Human Vision Anomalies.   An interesting read on understanding how we see color especially when working photographically.

A Special Message from Michael Reichmann


The Luminous Landscape, together with John and Roxie Walker of Switzerland, have created an opportunity for one or two people to join our January 26th, 2015 photographic expedition to Antarctica (there are two berths available).  The Walkers were early registrants for this extraordinary odyssey, unfortunately for personal reasons they will now not be able to fulfill this dream opportunity.  However, in the spirit of the season and with a deep desire to advance the art and craft of photography, we are pleased to offer the following unique opportunity:

Rather than simply resell their two berths,  Kevin, the Walkers and I have found a "silver lining" in this unfortunate turn of events and, as a result, we are pleased to make these two berths available as a thank-you gift for a meaningful donation to The Luminous Endowment for Photographers.



15 December, 2014 - Camera Equipment Of The Year 2014


It’s been an interesting year photography wise with some groundbreaking new products.  The trend is towards mirrorless and the stand out products this year fell into the mirrorless category.  As always Luminous-Landscape has its eye on the hot gear.  Today Michael Reichmann and Kevin Raber share their Camera Equipment Of The Year report.  Read what they thought was hot and not as well as disappointments and predictions for the coming year.

We have an opening on the second Antarctica Trip in January.  If you are interested in this trip and a special offer please contact Kevin Raber for details.

16 December, 2014 - Photograph America Newsletter


For the last 15 years, I have been purchasing and using the Photograph America Newsletter published by Robert Hitchman.  I got turned onto this publication when I visited Big Bend National Park with some fellow photographers.  His guide was a tremendous help getting us to the best spots.  Every time I took a trip to a National Park or other popular photographic location I would check the big binder of newsletters from Robert. Now all his newsletters are available and fit on a jump drive.

The opportunity presented itself a few months ago to visit with Robert and along with Chris I did a short interview of the man behind the Photograph America Newsletter.  This short video is now available to view and download for $10 USD.  I know $10.00, but you receive 2 PDFs with the download plus, there is also an included PDF giving details of a 25% discount on your first purchase of the Newsletter or the whole collection - printed or electronic.  Check out the details and links to this offer at Photograph America Newsletter.

My good friend and mate Ken Duncan, from Australia, sent me a link to his Christmas Message yesterday.  Ken has an amazing landscape photography business and is one of the nicest guys I know. I’d like to share a link to this video as it contains some of Ken’s amazing landscape photography put to a classic Christmas song.  Enjoy!

20 December, 2014 - The Granting Process


In the last 15 years, I have had the privilege to meet and get know as well as make good friends with some of the finest photographers in the world.  Michael Reichmann is one of those photographers, and it has been a privilege to be able to travel to many of the different corners of the world with him. More than anything else he became one of my best and finest friends.  When I made the decision to joining Luminous-Landscape, I did so because we shared a common passion and a great desire to share that passion with others around the world.  Of course, the passion is photography and as the founder of the site Michael has shared his passion freely for fifteen plus years.  

Late last year Michael shared with me his latest passion, and as we headed into 2014, he began to work on the Luminous-Endowment.  His dream was to create an organization that could award grants to photographers so they could pursue and complete photographic projects that may not have been able to do without a form of assistance.  The Luminous-Endowment was born, and in less that a year the organization has raised a nice amount of money and made it’s first round of grants. Please stop over to the Luminous-Endowment site and learn more about what we do and also think about purchasing at our special Christmas price Michael’s Retrospective book.  All proceeds for the book go into the Luminous endowment.

Alain Briot one of the finest instructors I have met and a regular contributor on Luminous-Landscape is one of the jurors for the Endowment.  You can learn about the jurors on the Endowment site.  Today Alain shares with us his insight into The Granting Process and how a photographer who may interested in obtaining a grant can prepare better and submit a grant application that will give them an edge.  At the same time, it gives those of us who won’t be requesting a grant somethings to think about as we go about creating our regular work and projects.

22 December, 2014 - Four Seasons In France

We take a bit of a different twist today with an essay by Aaron Greenman, Four Season In France.  Aaron’s essay covers a bit of history, some insight into an old film called Autochrome and accompanying images he made using the look of Autochrome.  It’s an interesting read and a look at some interesting modern day images using the Autochrome effect.

23 December, 2014 - Give LuLa Video Subsc at 33% Off

If you are looking for a good gift for a photographer you know and are already a subscriber to our videos, here's your chance to give that person an annual subscription for 33% off.

Contact Customer Service
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Answers to questions about giving a digital gift can be found here.

23 December, 2014 - Happy Holidays From Luminous-Landscape


Happy Holidays

It's been a fun year at Luminous-Landscape.  The team has expanded with the addition of Kevin and a lot has been accomplished.  All of us at LuLa want to say Thank You for continuing to visit our site.  We also want to extend the best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season.  We hope you find time for family, friends and a bit of relaxation over the coming days.  Of course for many of us that will be taking photographs and enjoying some time at the computer working on images.  No matter how you spend your Holiday, enjoy it.

Luminous-Landscape is working hard on a number of projects for 2015 and we will be sharing these soon.  We are very excited about the direction we are headed and we're sure you'll share in that excitement.  Stay tuned.

From . . . Michael Reichmann, Chris Sanderson and Kevin Raber . . . . Enjoy!

24 December, 2014 - Living With The Fuji X-T1


The Fuji X-T1 a camera that has received all sort of good press and seen remarkable sales.  The camera has helped define where the mirrorless market is going.  For your Holiday reading we are pleased to publish an in depth look at the Fuji X-T1 Living With The Fuji X-T1

Don’t forget we also have a detailed video tutorial on the Fuji X-T1 available on our Video Store.

Have a great Holiday!!!

28 December, 2014 - Fraser Island Australia - Anatomy Of A National Geographic Assignment



Growing up I had two magazines that I always looked forward to receiving in the mail and they were Life Magazine and National Geographic.  I always wanted to photograph for these magazines and travel the world.  Well, I have traveled the world but never had a chance to shoot for these magazines.  Today’s article is by Peter Essick and he has lived the dream.  He has done a number of assignments for National Geographic and shares one of those with us in his Fraser Island Australia - Anatomy Of A National Geographic Assignment story.  Peter shares what it is like to pitch an assignment and what it takes to shoot one.  Plus, he takes pretty darn nice images.

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