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Forbidden Photography

A Unique Photography Workshop Opportunity

Toronto – September 10, 2006

This Workshop Has Been Cancelled

Brickworks #7 — Toronto. November, 2003

Located very close to downtown Toronto is an old industrial site called The Brickworks. For the first half of the 20th century it was the source of much of the brick used to build the city of Toronto, and then in the second half of the century it was abandoned; the buildings sealed, and the grounds turned into parkland.

In November 2003, quite by accident, I found an entrance into one of the sealed buildings and ended up doing some fascinating photography. You can read about that event in my essay titled Architecture as Landscape.

Since then The Brickworks has become slated for a major urban renewal program under the auspices of the environmental group Evergreen. You can read about that exciting project here. But at the moment the buildings of The Brickworks sit much as they have for the past half century. (The City of Toronto, the property's owners, has done an environmental and safety cleanup.)


The Workshop

I have been retained by Evergreen to document The Brickworks, through archival materials for as it was back then, what it looks like now, and how it will change and evolve in the future, especially over the next few years during its upcoming restoration and renovation stages. This commission has given me unique access to the interior of the site's buildings.

I have been successful in convincing Evergreen of the worth of sharing that access with a small group of enthusiastic photographers. Here is a chance to enter a unique historical industrial site that has essentially laid in ruin for more than a half century, and to photograph and be able to freely explore the building's interior with the guidance and advice of Michael Reichmann.


There will be two workshop sessions.

Sunday September 10, 2006

Session #1: 9am – 12 Noon

Session #2: 1pm– 4PM

The cost of each 3 hour session is the same, at CDN $250. You may sign up for more than one session if you wish, but a fee of $250 is payable for each one attended.

Each session will be identical to the others and is limited to 25 people. The buildings are very spacious, and there will be no crowding with this few people.


The only special clothing that will need to be worn are heavy boots, and hard hats. You must provide your own boots. Rubber soled sneakers will not be permitted. Hard hats will be provided when you arrive at the site.

Though we will be indoors, the buildings haven't been heated in 50 years. If it's raining, rain will be coming in through openings in the roof, the floor may be wet, and so proper rain gear would be advisable.

Photographic equipment can be whatever you wish to use, ranging up to large format. Tripods are a must. Exposure times range from around a second, to several minutes. Wide angle lenses are worthwhile, as are tilt/shift lenses if you're not using a view camera.

Michael will be available at all times to not only show you some of the better shooting locations but to also answer technical questions and offer compositional advice.


Refreshments will be served, ranging from juice and coffee at the beginning of morning sessions, to sandwiches and soft drinks later in the day. The refreshment stand will be open at all times to all participants, and is included in your workshop fee. There will be sanitary facilities provided. Parking is close by and free. The Brickworks is located off Bayview Avenue, just minutes from the heart of Toronto.

Gallery Exhibition

All participants will be invited to submit their best work from these sessions, which will appear in a special gallery exhibitionat a future date. Because Evergreen is a not-for-profit organization proceeds from print sales will go toward funding the Brickworks restoration. More details on this will be provided at a later date.

Brickworks #14— Toronto. November, 2003

Liability Waiver

Please be aware that upon your arrival at The Brickworks you will be required to sign a Liability Waiver, releasing Evergreen and The Luminous Landscape from any liability associated with your participation in this workshop and your entry into these buildings.


What Once Was Forbidden is Allowed

If you would like to participate in the unique experience, all you need to do is register. Registrations are on a first come, first served basis. Here's what you do.

Copy the form below from your browser, and then past it into your email program.

Answer the questions, and email it to

Also please note that you are asked to indicate the session or sessions that you would like to attend. If your preferred session is sold out, please indicate your second choice.

Please Cut and Past This section into your e-mail program and complete

Please Enroll me in The Brickworks Forbidden Photography Workshop




Daytime telephone or Mobile #:

Session(s) Requested– Indicate #1 or #2,
If more than 1 session, please indicate.

Total Sessions Requested:
(the fee for each session is CDN $250 ($US $225))

Alternate session(s) –
If your first choice ends up being booked, please indicate here your alternative choices

Please Cut and Past This section into your e-mail program and complete

Once you have e-mailed this form I will get back to you to confirm the sessions that you've requested. Once you receive your confirmation you will need to send in your payment to confirm participation. There will be no refunds once payment has been made.

You will need to send a money order, certified check or bank draft (sorry, no credit cards, Paypall or personal cheques) payable to The Luminous Landscape Inc., to ....

The Luminous Landscape Inc.
68 Roxborough Street West
Toronto, Ontario. M5R 1T8

You will have 14 days from the time your register online until your cheque needs to arrive. If it has not arrived within 14 days you may loose your reservation.

Please remember that availability is on a first-come first-served basis, so if this unique opportunity strikes your fancy, don't hesitate.

Do not mail payment until we have confirmed the availability of the sessions that you have requested.


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