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An Antarctic Photographic Expedition and Workshop
With Michael Reichmann

February 4 – 23, 2007

Workshop Registration Form

This page applies for workshop registration.
The next page will provide information on signing up with Quark Expeditions.

This form will apply for your registration for the February, 2007 Antarctic Workshop Expedition. By completing and submitting this form you agree, if accepted, to participate in this workshop under the terms and conditions specified on the liability limitation page. You also need to immediately book your accommodation type and passage with Quark Expeditions. Details will be provided after this page.

Please copy and past the Q&A form below this line into an email to me. Answer the questions and then send it to


Full Name:

E-mail Address:

Home Phone:

Work Phone:

Complete Home Mailing Address:


Number of workshop spaces and berths requested:

Name of Second Person (if applicable):

Any comments you may have regarding your interests:



Please e-mail this right away. When you have done so, you may proceed to the next page, which will provide you with the information needed to contact Quark Expeditions, make your booking with them and make your initial reservation deposit.

Remember, it is necessary to both register with me via this e-mail and also to telephone Quark and sign up with them.

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