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Phase One Digital Artist Series

There's something about a photographic workshop that not only informs, but also energizes. Maybe it's the presence of great teachers. Likely its the camaraderie of other like-minded photographers from all over the world. And in the case of a manufacturer's field workshop, the opportunity to work with some of the top cameras, backs and lenses.



Phase One has launched a new series of field workshops called PODAS – The Phase One Digital Artist Series. From May through December, 2010, there will be workshops held in Big Sur, Glacier National Park, Iceland, Zion National Park, and Australia.



The instructors for this series include some of the top photographic educators in the world. I am fortunate to count most of them as good friends and colleagues, and you can expect to receive not just intensive field and classroom instruction but also an opportunity to work right alongside this very talented group of photographers in the field.


The Experience

If you've never attended a major field workshop, you'll be in for a major treat. Every day is filled with an early morning and a late afternoon field shoot, and the mid-day with classroom sessions. Evenings see portfolio and print review sessions as well as an opportunity for participants and teachers to socialize and discuss their work.

The short video below will give you some idea of what a PODAS workshop is like.

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Do watch the above video. It tells you just about everything that you need to know about what a PODAS workshop is like.

You can also read the PODAS blog at for continious updates on each workshop as they take place.


The Equipment

There are workshops and there are workshops. What sets PODAS apart, in my experience at least as someone that has run and taught workshops all over the world, is that Phase One provides each participant with a complete 645 DF camera and lens as well as a P65+ or other digital back for that person's personal use during the workshop. There is also a large pool of lenses of every focal length available, which can be be used by anyone at any time.

Does Phase One hope that you'll buy a system after the workshop? Of course they do, and they'll have some pretty special offers available on the last day of the workshop. But, there's no obligation whatsoever. No pressure and no hype. Just the way you'd like it to be.

The instructors are all Phase One users themselves, and there are Phase One technicians and trainers available to answer questions and provide assistance, alongside the world-class instructors.

Snafellnesjokull Glacier Remnant. Iceland


The Plug

This page is an unabashed plug for PODAS workshops which are being put on during 2010 and onwards by Phase One. But you have the right to know why I am promoting it here. Am I participating as a teacher? If not, why am I promoting it then, and what's in it for me? All fair questions.

The answers are...

Will I be teaching any of the PODAS workshops in 2010?

No. I was one of the instructors at their inaugural workshop in Death Valley in November, 2009. But, as mentioned previously on this site I am taking 2010 off from teaching field workshops to concentrate on personal projects and travel.

Why am I promoting PODAS here?

My experience teaching at the first PODAS last year was that I found it to be one of the best organized and most productive workshops that I've ever participated in. Phase One put on a truly first-class experience for participants, and I believe that they are firmly committed to a program of educating photographers and benefiting the community as a whole through this series.

What's in it for me?

Nothing. I am promoting PODAS because of my familiarity with the workshops, Phase One the company, the teachers – all of whom are colleagues and friends – and the executives at the company that are making it possible. I am not being paid or remunerated in any way for this. I may teach at a PODAS event again in 2011, but even that is uncertain at this time.

I simply believe that this series of workshops is a great shooting and learning opportunity, and I'm happy to help promote it here on my site.

Find Out More About PODAS

March, 2010


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