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Costa Rica Wildlife Workshop

Jan 31 — Feb 10, 2003 Workshop 0304

Workshop Registration

Please complete the form below and Submit it.  Once it has been received we will be in contact with you via email with information on where to send your deposit / reservation payment, as well as other details.

If you are coming together with a spouse or other person please fill in their name as appropriate. Remember, the cost of this trip is the same for each person, whether they are a workshop participant or not.

Accommodations are two person to a room. If you will be traveling alone and would like a private room there will be a supplementary charge of $650 (subject to availability).

Please complete each of the following.

My Full Name: required

Name of second person: (Leave blank if traveling alone).

Is the second person also a photographer? (Leave blank if traveling alone).

E-mail Address: required

Daytime Phone:

Home Phone:

Postal Address:

I will probably be working mostly in:

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I will likely be mostly shooting:

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My level of experience as a landscape & nature photographer is as a:

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I have attended a photographic field seminar or workshop before:

I would like to have a single room (if available) for a supplementary cost of $650:

Please take a moment to tell us any additional information that might be helpful in allowing us to make this the best possible workshop for you.  Please indicate as well if you have any physical infirmity that could affect your ability to participate fully in this workshop.

By pressing the Submit button below I agree to be bound by the Limitation of Liability terms and conditions contained on the Workshop Information page, which I have read and understand.

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