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April Fine Art Printing Workshop

At The Luminous Landscape Gallery In Toronto
With Michael Reichmann

April 5-6, 2008

Sorry – Sold Out

"April is the cruelest month", or at least so wrote T.S. Eliot. It certainly can be for photographers living in the North East and North Central parts of the US and Canada because it carries with it the promise of spring and renewed outdoor activities, yet the somber gray pallor of winter still persists in many places.

But not this year. Begin the 2008 shooting season with an intensive weekend workshop with photographic educator Michael Reichmann. The venue is The Luminous Landscape Gallery and Print Studio and the subjects covered will be almost every aspect of image processing and printing. We will also be conducting print critiques and image review sessions.

Bring your laptop, bring prints and files, and bring a hunger to learn and refine the techniques that you'll be using, as you begin the spring and summer shooting season.

The dates are Saturday and Sunday April 5-6. This session is limited to just 20 participants. From 9 am till 5 pm on both the Saturday and Sunday we will explore tools and subjects such as...

– Camera Raw

– Lightroom

– Photoshop

Making and using profiles

– Colour management theory and practice

– Soft Proofing

– Rendering Intents

– Printer and paper selection

– and much, much more

We will have five printers available, an Epson 11880, Epson 7800, Epson 3800, HP Z3100 and Canon iPF6100. Attendees will get to make as many large format prints as we have time for. All materials are included in the session fee, as are breakfast and lunch in the gallery on both days, and a fine dinner at a local Italian bistro on the Saturday evening, including beer and wine.

The all-inclusive fee for this intensive two day session is US $695. (Our online store is set up to accept US dollars because of our international audience. Since the $US and $CDN are essentially at par at the moment, the price is the same in both currencies).

If you have to cancel before March 1, 2008 a refund will be made less $125. If you cancel after March 1 then a refund less $125 may be possible, but only if your place can be filled. If we have to cancel for any reason a full refund will be provided.

This intensive weekend workshop will certainly sell out quickly, so register right away.

Sorry – Sold Out


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